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Social interaction is a building block to society that influences a lifetime of relationships. As summer reopens, it is important for young children to remember the innate socializing skills that make life more fun. Little Stars daycare and Calgary preschool is accepting registrations for September, where we will renew the focus on social interaction to increase children’s sense of belonging while decreasing the stress of social anxiety. 

Language Development

Quality daycare environments are the starting points to promote diverse experiences and build language capacities. Strong language capabilities are the backbone to children’s confidence as they begin expressing themselves through speech, grammar, eye contact and gestures. The younger a child is, the more they rely on communicating through play to connect with their peers. Little Stars’ outdoor play space provides enriched opportunity for children to project their personality while nurturing healthy physical development. 

Early Conflict Resolution Techniques

Behaviour management skills become increasingly important as children age and new responsibilities arise with independence. In our drop-in Calgary daycare, children take more turns sharing and problem solving with those outside of their family circle. Little Stars’ experienced caregivers know how to channel positive cooperation techniques amongst children as they learn how to negotiate and become accustomed to controlling their emotions in a respectful social setting.

Make Lifelong Friendships

Research by child psychologists show that early childhood friendships “contribute to children’s quality of life and ability to adjust to changes within their environments.” As children grow and meet people from all walks of life, they will need to feel comfortable forming relationships as global citizens. Early childhood education in Calgary daycare, preschool or pre-k give children time to adjust to different schedules and learn the subtleties behind natural connection. At the age of four, children develop a theory of the mind, acquiring the knowledge that the world is a balance of many different perspectives. At this stage, it is important for children to navigate appreciating other points of view as they build lifelong friendships.

As instinctive as forming social bonds may seem, children need reassurance to develop their independence and make friends. Little Stars NE daycare encourages children to build and maintain some of their first lifelong friendships. Registration for preschool and kindergarten is now open for September. If you enrol during summer, you’ll receive 50% off our registration fee!