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COVID-19 Response:

Registration Priority for Medical Workers & First Responders

We are located just an 8 minute drive from Peter Lougheed Hospital, at the convenience of hospital staff. Parents will need to fill out an application to demonstrate their need for out-of-the-house child care during this time.

Premier Early Childhood Education

Our Education Philosophy: Children Are Front & Centre

Little Stars is an inclusive child care and preschool centre that focuses on early childhood education and operates according to the Alberta Childhood Accreditation Standards.


Our Guiding Principles

Caring. Innovation. Nurturing.

Our Mission

Our mission at Little Stars is to provide an environment where children are given every opportunity to shine so that they may build on diverse life experiences for a successful future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide children with a balance between education and a healthy social experience, to motivate teachers, create peace of mind for parents, and to embody the spirit of giving back to the local and global community.

Four Components of Our Curriculum

& Life Skills

& Spiritual Wellness

& Global Family

& Kindness

Our Childcare Philosophy

Today’s child can change tomorrow’s world.

With this premise, we can engage children to successfully achieve their finest expression, become model citizens of Canada, and lead our country towards global economic and cultural strength.

We believe in collaborating with parents, government agencies, staff, management and concerned community members in developing and continuously improving an evidence-based model of Early Childhood Education to provide an excellent childhood learning experience.


Our Motto

Happiness Through Learning

In practice, this translates into providing environments, materials, interactions and learning resources that will maximize a child’s ability to achieve the best possible expression of him/ herself.

Features & Amenities

Outdoor Playground
Outdoor Playground
Our facility has a regularly maintained 20,000 square foot playground that is fully fenced. Children are always supervised by staff during playtime.
Security Features
Security Features
All parents with children enrolled in the childcare program will receive a unique security pass to gain access to the building. At all times the outside doors are locked and all hallways, entrances, and classroom have high-resolution cameras.
Daily Reporting
Daily Reporting
Parents are set up on our daily reporting platform which sends a summary to their email inbox at 6PM. The report covers how much the children ate, how long they slept, what they learned that day, as well as occasionally include photos of activities. Parents can also send messages using the app as another avenue of communication.
Site Accessibility
Site Accessibility
Little Stars has access to dedicated on-site parking for easy drop-off and pick-up. Additionally, the facility is within walking distance to the McKnight - Westwinds Station for convenient access to public transport services.
Experienced Staff
Experienced Staff
All of our staff members possess certifications in childcare and first aid. Extensive background checks are conducted for all employees, including reference verification from previous employers, police checks, and a vulnerable sector search. We conduct monthly fire evacuation drills and have policies for inclement weather that is regularly communicated to all staff.
Child Friendly & Bright Classrooms
Child Friendly & Bright Classrooms
Our classrooms are bright, modern, child-friendly, and inviting. Several large windows surround each classroom, letting in ample natural sunlight. Rooms are divided by age groups so that classroom amenities and bathrooms are customized for the height of each age group.
On-Site Cook
On-Site Cook
Our kitchen facility is approved by Alberta Health Services and is staffed with a certified on-site cook. We serve an extensive delicious and nutritious, 6-week rotating menu which covers all 4 major food groups required by Health Canada. All daycare children receive breakfast, hot lunch and evening snacks.
Special Services
Special Services
Little Stars introduces children to a broad variety of practices, from sports-stretching after play so they may fine-tune their motor skills as well as the encouragement of artistic expression through dance and art instruction. For children with delays in activity performance, we also offer occupational and speech therapy at no additional cost.

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