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An Update on Childcare Subsidy from the Alberta Government

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to create strain and confusion for Alberta parents, our provincial government has altered the child care subsidy program. If your job has been affected or you have had to take on more work to help make ends meet, there are options to lessen the burden of childcare on your household finances.

The subsidy program is aimed at lower-income families and includes maximum subsidy rates for families, based on their income. Read the government page here for more details or view the chart below as a guide about subsidy ranges.

If you wish to apply for a subsidy for child care at Little Stars, you can apply on the government website. The general qualifications are:

  • The parents or the child receiving care must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada 
  • Either parent or both are residents of Alberta
  • At least one parent is working, in school, looking for work, have special needs or has a child with special needs
  • The child is 12 years old or younger
  • The child has secured a spot in a licensed daycare
  • Total family income is less than $75,000

Some hints about applying: 

  • The government will do a thorough examination of your finances and income, so ensure your claims on the application are accurate.
  • Part of this process may include signing a Canada Revenue Agency consent form to assess your income through taxes paid

The government has provided a calculator tool to help determine your subsidy estimate. The Alberta government has also provided details on what to expect after you apply, which can be read here

Little Stars is Here for You!

We have all gone through so much this year and many families have faced financial difficulties. Little Stars is pleased to be able to provide safe, affordable child care to the hard-working families of northeast Calgary, and we will do what we can to help those who need it to access government assistance. The subsidy program requires that your child has secured a spot in your desired licensed child care facility before applying, so contact us for more information about Little Stars and to arrange a private tour.