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Average Childcare Costs in Calgary to Expect

The Evolution of Childcare

The need for childcare has transformed from being a choice into a much needed necessity for families over the past few decades. Dual-income households have become the new norm and with full-time working parents, childcare is crucial. When we think about the price of childcare – it’s stressful. An in house cook providing a fresh, varied menu, staff with years of expertise in early childcare education, and a focused, accredited environment that nurtures the whole child’s development has become the standard. Due to the potential benefits of peer socialization, school readiness, and numeracy and language skills, the demand for quality childcare has increased. The struggle to find affordable, quality childcare is what positions parents between choosing their careers or their children. 

Calgary’s Monthly Average Childcare Costs

Our Calgary NE Daycare makes it our priority to provide affordable daycare to alleviate this stress. How do we ensure that Little Stars’ daycare is priced to reach this standard? After researching up to twenty daycares across Calgary offering childcare to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, the graphs below display the monthly costs for full-time daycares within Calgary and the surrounding area. 

The Balance between Quality and Affordability 

After selecting quality, accredited daycares, the Calgary monthly average for full-time infant childcare is $1,170, toddler $1,050, and preschool $1,033. Most full day childcare programs include transportation costs, yet this doesn’t offset the fact that in Calgary, childcare rates have increased by 9.8 percent since 2014, growing by one percent in 2018. 

Parents in Calgary pay the third highest amount in childcare fees across Canada. With the standard to provide quality childcare, affordability can get lost in the costs of the materials that elevate the framework of these daycares. As excellence is sought after in childcare, space within daycare centres becomes limited with the influx of need and the promise of small student to caregiver ratios. Unfortunately, prices escalate. Nonetheless, parents should not have to make sacrifices to nurture the well-being of their children. 

Little Stars NE Calgary daycare, preschool, and kindergarten understands your child deserves the best childcare. It is our mission to offer world-class daycare focused on play-based learning to develop the key foundations for your child’ to love to learn. Our rates reflect both the average childcare costs in Calgary with pricing suited towards families of working parents. Little Stars’ accredited daycare provides an in-house preschool program for all children attending our Calgary daycare program at no additional cost. The Alberta government provides eligible low to middle-income families assistance with the cost of childcare through their childcare subsidies. Feel free to give Little Stars’ a call to discuss our rates and fees!