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News that the Alberta government is adopting a $10 per day child care subsidy arrived this week. Under the partnership with the federal government, child care costs will be halved starting in January 2022, while $10 per day child care will be implemented in full by 2026. In total, $3.8 billion is slated to be invested in affordable, quality childcare by the Canadian government. Little Stars Calgary is excited to share the news and continue offering the very best in childcare, for children and parents, at the most affordable price possible.

Where is the Funding Allocated?

Of the $3.8 billion:

  • $2.865 billion will be invested towards the $10 a day subsidy
  • $240.64 million will increase the number of licensed child care spaces by at least 42,500 to meet demands
  • $202.60 million will go towards funding children with special needs and diverse communities
  • $306.16 million will continue ensuring Alberta’s licensed educators provide high quality childcare with additional certification training and higher wage tops

Who Qualifies for the New Alberta Child Care Subsidy? 

The Alberta government estimates that parents will experience a reduction in child care throughout the next two years. With the increased funding, middle class families will experience improved support for child care. The Alberta government announced the following child care subsidy amounts that parents can be expected to pay according to their income level:

  • $10 per day for a household income of up to $119,999
  • $11 to $17 per day for a household income between $120,000 and $179,000
  • $22.19 per day for a household income of $180,000 or above

Access to the child care subsidy supports children from ages 0-5. Families who meet the income requirement must have a child enrolled in a licensed daycare, out-of-school care, preschool, or a day home regulated by a licensed family day home agency.

How to Apply for the Alberta Child Care Subsidy 

The application process remains the same. Families can apply for the new Alberta Child Care subsidy through the Child Care Subsidy Application. For more information about the subsidy, visit our subsidy information. Little Stars is an accredited, licensed Calgary NE daycare. Children enrolled in our Westwinds daycare, preschool and kindergarten programs will receive access to the new child care subsidy program if parents meet the income requirements. We are excited to be able to continue expanding the accessibility of our programs and look forward to the opportunities the new year will bring with the subsidy.