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At Little Stars, our Calgary daycare and kindergarten programs provide children with the building blocks they need to embark on their academic journey with excitement and confidence. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a much more comprehensive and enriching experience than a day home, expanding upon traditional childcare principles to set your little stars up for success. 

Here’s how we introduce children to out-of-home daycare, and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond:

Learning Through Play

Starting a program without the constant presence of mom and dad is a significant transition for many young children. To ease this shift, it’s vital to offer a nurturing environment with a predictable routine. This allows children to look forward to the exciting activities each new day brings. At Little Stars, our curriculum emphasizes two core components: “immediate and global family,” and “respect and kindness.” These values are the heartbeat of our approach, not just in daycare but in all aspects of child development.

In our daycare programs, children partake in collaborative social activities like storytime and circle time, develop skills through activities like arts and crafts, and are introduced to a variety of essential topics. Our seasoned childcare providers use creative methods to introduce them to the basics, from different professions and countries to the weather and days of the week. Through playful exploration, children are equipped with a basic understanding of the workings of our world.

Kindergarten Bound with Confidence

Spending time in a daycare program serves as a child’s first introduction to the foundational rules of school: standing in line, sharing with peers, and listening to educators. These initial lessons ease the monumental shift from the comforts of home to the structured environment of kindergarten.

With this foundation, children can channel a greater portion of their mental energy into making new friends, exploring novel subjects, and actively engaging in classroom activities. They are not overwhelmed by adapting to a brand-new social landscape, as they’ve already experienced a similar dynamic in daycare. As a result, the transition is smoother, and children can focus on the joy of learning and connecting with their peers.

These preparatory experiences instill confidence in young learners. As they witness their social skills blossoming and navigate through familiar routines, they approach kindergarten excited and with a clearer understanding of what lies ahead.

A Solid Start

Where daycare introduced them to the world in broad strokes, kindergarten dives deeper. Children start to develop crucial literacy and numeracy skills, setting the groundwork for formal education. They are introduced to a more structured day, with lessons designed not just for play, but to challenge their thinking, foster creativity, and instill a love for learning. During this time, our early childhood educators really bring the remaining two components of our curriculum into play: education and life skills, and physical and spiritual wellness. 

A child’s kindergarten experience sets the stage for academic performance in the future, and a positive one has a significant impact as they continue on to elementary school. In fact, several studies have noted a correlation between kindergarten achievement and earning power later in life

Our kindergarten curriculum isn’t just about adhering to standards; it’s about surpassing them. With influences from the Reggio Emilia and Montessori methodologies and specialized components for gifted learners, we provide a platform for every child to shine. This dynamic curriculum ensures that our students are not just prepared for the immediate next step but are set on a path of excellence for the years of education that loom ahead.

Sending your child to preschool comes with endless positive benefits. Contact us today to learn more about how Little Stars’ academic daycare and Kindergarten programs can set your child up for success.