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Special Needs Resources

Special Needs Resources

Types of Behavioural Concerns Potentially Addressed:

Speech-language Needs, Occupational Therapy, Psychological Needs

Child and Family Services – Regional Office
#300, 1240 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB T2N 3P7
Reception: 403.297.6100
Fax: 403.297.7214
General Email Inquiries:

FSCD – 403.297.7971

  • Typically requires doctor’s diagnosis for a child
  • May be free of cost, may provide in-home visits by a professional for parent education for improved developmental outcomes of a child


  • Provided by various centres around Calgary
  • Typically free of cost

PUF – Program Unit Funding
Provided by

    1. Providence – 403.255.5577
      • May pick-up and drop-off child from daycare for additional programming at their own school
      • Seats are limited
    2. PACE Kids – 403-234-7876
      • May need child to be sent to their school
      • Enrollment typically starts February of each year, school year runs from September to June

Connecting Dots – 403.816.2718
Independent behaviour assessment agency

Psychologist –

  • Any licensed psychologist who may specialize in child behavior
  • Usually parents have to pay
  • Possible referral from Alberta Health Services for free treatment
    • Referral is typically obtained through the family doctor
  • Notes/Observations
    • Parents are encouraged to take notes on child’s behaviour
    • Parents can also ask for child’s behaviour at Little Stars Calgary to further discuss with other professionals

Child Development Centre – Alberta Children’s Hospital – Developmental Assessments

Preschool Language Services – Assessment and Treatment Teams

ACCESS Mental Health – Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Parent Choice and Confidentiality

  • Parents have the choice in seeking any additional services
  • All information about each child at Little Stars Calgary is confidential

Little Stars Calgary makes no guarantees or assurances of any kind regarding the accuracy and availability of services or any other content contained herein.

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