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Government policies are changing up for 2020, and it’s important as parents to be prepared. The most significant change for Calgary daycares and preschools like Little Stars will be that the Kin and Stay at Home parent subsidies are ending. It had previously covered up to $400/month for children too young to be attending school and $200 a month for children grades 1 to 6. This is significant for hardworking parents.

However, not all hope is lost as in her statement Lauren Armstrong with the Ministry of Children’s Services said they are now “focusing child-care subsidies to assist low-income families to enter the workforce or attend school by accessing child care in settings where there is more oversight and legislated standards of care and safety.”

Rising Costs of High Quality Care

Quality childcare shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. But consider the attention required for younger children and the importance of maintaining a good caretaker to child ratio. Though certain subsidies are provided to cover some portion of wages, the many costs to being able to provide a nurturing and well rounded environment are also steadily growing for Canadian daycare and preschools. A study finds that “costs have risen faster than inflation in 61% of cities since 2017”, according to the CBC.

But optimistically, a study finds every $1 spent on early childhood education pays back $6 later, The value of a good curriculum and qualified teachers is a long term investment that will incrementally benefit a child in the long run. Mission driven Calgary NE Daycares like Little Stars embrace this idea and are committed to building strong foundations for the future.

Low Income Subsidy Plans

However, low-income families subsidy plans are still available for parents looking for a helping hand with the increasing costs of childcare in Alberta. As detailed from Alberta Child Benefit:

“Families with net income of up to $26,769 will receive the maximum benefits under the ACB. Benefits begin to phase out if you earn more than this, and will be fully phased out once your family net income reaches $43,260.

$1,155 for one child
$2,886 maximum for families with 4 or more children”

What can parents expect?

Because of these changes, Calgary Daycares and Preschools especially have a responsibility to remain affordable for working families. Most of our parents are working professionals, as our location has an accessible parking lot, with the Mcknight station within walking distance.